There is no manual for the panel, there really is nothing to work on or set. The only breaker is in the rear on the main line from the battery.

The valve should allow water to flow through if the livewells have water in them and the valve is turned in line with the elbow and not cross ways. There are two (2) flush valves to remove trash on those holes in the injection system. We have played intensely with the holes in the spray bars, they are maxxed out with the pumps we are using now for flow and injection pressure to remove ammonia.

The functions are:

Aeration or Recirculation:

One minute of aeration every three minutes
One minute of aeration every five minutes.

Auto on with or without Master Power
Manual on with Master

Navigation lights are controlled at both helm and bow

Horn functions the Horn

Fuel switches only the gauge from right to left, which is Left for Main and Right for Kicker tanks (2 x 10 = 20 gallons)

Accessory should activate your Hand Rail lights

The small round A-Ten Touch pad on Premium models has:
Pump In
Pump Out
Fish button for Livewell Lights or black lights.
Security for Alarm system

The small round Touch Pad on Vision models and some Advantage:

Aeration with timer connected to valve or direct


Navigation Lights


PLUS ~ There is a hidden button in the exact center of the touch pad which has operation there for any function you decide. You can not see or feel this button, though it is there.

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