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JEH in La


Running out of gas when idling for a short distance, have to pump the bulb to prime it again several times in a couple 100 yd idle. Changed out the fuel hose with a new hose and same issue. Runs fine at high speed. 2018 Eyra, 250 XS

dpny62 I chased this problem for several years on my 2017 model.  Replaced the on-demand valve, (warranty) no change.  Replaced the pulse pump (warranty), no change.  Changed out the bulb (warranty), no change. New filter on VST, no change.

Finally I cut a couple of inches of the tubing going into and out of the bulb and re-installed with two (2) radial head zip ties in opposing directions before and behind the bulb, pulled as tight as they would go without breaking.   All I can say is, after that I never had that problem again.

A minute vacuum leak in the hose will result in loss of fuel flow at idle but not so much when running on plane.  Worth a try.

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