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Well I guess that I will reply…..I personally think that it is insane to over power any brand hull for several reasons (Bass Cat included).  First and foremost…SAFTEY of anyone stupid enough to ride in it and the driver.  Second is the liability if you get in a accident, because you knowingly over powered a boat.  I don’t think you will be able to purchase a johnboat if this happens and you live.  Also, if you live and kill someone/family how do you live with that?  Take that boat to a tournament and win…..the polygraph will get your butt when they ask if you broke any tournament rules.  Your boat is not legal because motor exceeds the horsepower rating.  If you want to own this boat and run it on a closed area just for boats like this then giddy up and go!!!!  Am I against speed…..hell no….I bought a Eyra with a 300R that is completely legal and not 110 fast but fast.  This is just a few reasons I am against the flashing and the super charged motors running on boats that are not built for the HP.  I could go on but think I have put my opinion on the table which don’t mean crap but it is out there..


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