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Basically same running conditions as far as temp, etc. Boat used to run 69-70 no matter what. First thing in morning with full tank, empty tank end of day, full live wells, empty live wells, biggun passengers, little kids.  69-70 all the time at 5800 rpm. Boat would just barely kick a rooster tail when running at optimal height. Fastest boat ever ran was 74 when I first got it in 2012 with 28 hrs on motor. I had it stripped down one day with no trolling motor when I was swapping the tm out.  But, after putting power poles on, tackle, 36 volt tm, etc it dropped to the 69-70. I was actually concerned I had too much weight in the back as I don’t see many p2 running 36 tm with three big batteries and power poles.  Now speed is all over the place depending on all the factors you all have mentioned like full/empty live wells, etc.  worst performance is 66 at 5600 and best is 68 at 5600.  And motor seems to be throwing much higher rooster tail to hit 5600

I figured swapping to lithium’s would get me back to 72ish. I think I’m gonna bite bullet and get hydraulic jackplate as i could use it a bunch for the way I fish anyhow. I’d like to try another prop someday if y’all have any suggestions.