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Personally I am surprised that any company would be so dedicated to customer services to spend so much time dealing directly with a customer about such an issue (not belittling the problem I am applauding the customer service of BCB as this is a rare thing in today’s world)

After reading the post I am surprised to see that the object of the propulsion was not looked into deeply.

The boat motor is a quarter of the price of the package which is a significant amount . Any issue with the motor, the propeller and the setup even a little issue, will cause a lot of problems with the performance of the vessel.

A fellow I know picked up a Caracal at a great price. The owner was displeased with the holeshot and performance… The new owner took the Caracal to a marina that specializes with the outboard brand and the problem was solved. A different propeller with a slight hight adjustment and the new owner has a great handling boat.

I just love seeing the look on the old owners face when he sees the Caracal at a tournament.