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We have been clear in that soon after the conversation we verified the boat went up for sale. We then removed the item from our agenda as we mentioned.

The gentleman was asked to wait and give us time to find an engine we could use in 250 Pro XS. We were completing the Puma STS and finishing 2022 preparation on other models, all while preparing for dealer meeting at that time. That had to be our most important objective. His boat was operational and performs, just not to his desired level of expectation.

We will not complicate anything when it is on the market and a potential buyer may be interested, by having the boat in our possession. Even now we do not have an operating 250 Pro XS engine in our possession to flip out. We do have new engines, though we do not retain test models as we are a boat company, not an engine company.

We just completed dealing this week with a similar issue, and the issue was not ours in that case. That boat improved significantly when the issue that was found was addressed.

If the boat is not on the market we will revisit the situation when we can.