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Most 21′ boats are a pointed nose that extends to create a more wedge nose, than a blunt or triangle shape. To make most boats 21′, they simply wedge the tip. When measuring back from the tip of the boat, for example a Lynx or Puma STS, take a cross measurement at 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′ and 5′. You will find many BCB models are wider at those points¬† than some boats perceived as 21′ wide bodies.

There are exceptions on this, viewed from various brand aspects, and someone will always come behind and attempt to poke holes in our thoughts with their personal view point. The numbers are real and they tell that story.

Most companies include the offset in their overall length and we do as well. That offset on a XYZ model may include the extension for the engine which gives no rear body width. It also may include a body in some brands that does have more cost and more labor than the narrower tailed brands. Some of this is taken as perspective, though¬† it’s reality that there are no corners on popular competition, where we have corners. Those corners do cost to build and they add body and buoyancy.

There are lots of views on this, though always realize we could simply point a Puma STS hull with a wedged bow and make it 20’2″ easily. It’s just not a functional extra 7″ and that also gives us more challenges on fitting a trolling motor in the fashion we prefer. This is mounted with their shafts on centerlines and trying to give room.