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Awesome “Feel The Rush” Brother. I also just purchased a new EYRA and just made it through the break in process. I wanted to share my customer satisfaction with you in attempt to pay my positive BassCat experience with someone.

I could write a book about how very satisfied I am with my experience working with BassCat Boats and Yarcraft. The level of service was paramount. Early on I was engaged with positive hospitality and support from all departments in the manufacturing process.

Please recognize Rick Pierce for his personal interaction in the process, I will cherish every moment I had in his presence.

Also, had personel interaction with 2 of BassCat’s  Bass Master Elite Team prostaff, Bod Downey & John Crews both communicated positive insight and tips for my BassCat model EYRA. How’s that for service!!!!!

In return for such awesome service, I’m currently looking for ways I can pay my positive experience with BassCat with others hope everyone here will do the same.

Also, positive service has continued well after my purchase as BassCat has repeatedly worked with me to fulfill a few back order items.

Thanks to Parts and Service for their diligent help.

Tommy Peckinpaugh