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I owned an 07 Classic like that for 11 years.  Same motor and pitch (but a Fury 3 blade), even the same color scheme!  NOBODY beat me out of the hole and few could stay with me.  But I didn’t have shallow anchors and had a 24V TM system.  Those Talons are ridiculously heavy for a Puma much less a Classic which is extremely sensitive to weight changes.  I remember going from a MK  Maxxum to a Fortex and could tell the difference with the extra weight up front that required a little more trim after the change.  Assuming you intend to keep the Talons and 36V TM, I’d drop to a 24P 3 blade Fury to start.  Also raise motor until plates are even  to start.  Due to all that weight in the rear, you may have to come up 1/4 to a 1/2″ more to help with hole shot just don’t over trim once on plane.  I don’t know if you will ever fly out of the hole but you may be able to improve hole shot substantially.  You may even have to drop to the 23P.  Just know you may sacrifice top end and get into the limiter.  That hull loves the Fury 3 blade prop BTW.  Good luck, keep us posted with your progress.