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I am using 3  12volt 50amp lithium Ionic Batteries.  Matt Mosier, the gentleman that runs the facebook hybrid page is running 2 Proguide 12v50 batteries on his hybrid 203 and he was telling me that it powers his trolling motor just fine and he has not had any problems with not having enough juice to run the day.  I am assuming that you are having a new Puma built, and quite bluntly I would be looking into a lithium starting battery versus the AGM.  The new motors can handle that battery, and a person that I fish with has a lithium starting battery and 2 50 ah hour batteries for his trolling motor.  What amazes me is when I see the voltage on his graphs never drop below 13 volts all day versus how mine does drop with the AGM that I have to use.  I would also make sure that whatever charging system that you have installed works with 36 volt lithiums.  The power pole charge to me is amazing, however the cost of it made me back away from it.  John Crews has some videos on it and how he set up his boats with the power pole system.  Both the NOCO gen 4 that I have and the Minn Kota latest are very good units as well.  If you are somewhere where the temp.  drops below 32 degrees on a regular basis check into the charging requirements that the manufactor of the batteries has on their product.  So far, like I said I am amazed with how these have done and now I am debating about taking one of those batteries off the trolling motor, making it into a 24 volt system.  I have a Garmin trolling motor.  Then using the freed up battery for my live scope, both graphs on the bow and whatever I have tied into the fuse panel I have in the front.  I think that might provide some more juice for those electronics.  I might do that prior to going out this week, since it is going to be outstanding in Missouri and it is time to stick a couple of big ones for sure.  Good luck on getting that boat rigged up.  The new Puma is a nice boat, matter of fact I seriously doubt that anyone would go wrong with any of the current lineup of Basscats.



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