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My 2017 Cougar has these hubs on it.  So far with the oiling system I have not had a problem.  The largest problem I have had was the brake pads delaminating and then the rotors getting galled.  One was replaced under warranty by the dealer, the other I had to deal with.  Dexter is sort of a pain in the backside to get a hold of someone in their warranty division.  Remember these items have a 10 year warranty on them.  Eventually I was sent quite a few parts, and I have bought others so excluding rotors and hubs I have enough probably for my lifetime with this boat.  Here are a bunch of part numbers off my items.  These are specific to my dual axle, single axle brake trailer on the Cougar.

K71-030-00:  Vault Service Kit 2.5 3.2 K & 3.5k 545 – 1.900″ outer bore

010-169-00: O-Ring 2×2 – 1/8×1/16

021-091-00:  Hybrid Grease Cap

088-013-00:  Hybrid Grease/Oil

061-007-00:  Grease Zerk

088-015-00:  Red Thread Locker (Red Locktite)

Yes I have reused my caps over and over again, they are not a one time deal, unless you warp them taking them off and on.  I have had one fail at a ramp, I got back home, cleaned everything up, put in new grease and used the thread locker on another cap.  The caps are very tight and I do believe that the thread locker seals everything up so they don’t come off going down the road.  I also have had bearing buddy caps as well as regular caps come off over the years.  As others have stated, I check my axles at least once per year when I rotate my tires on the trailer and do pull off the caps and insert new grease.  Make sure you don’t leave the zerk in the axle when you put on the cap, as I have done a few times.  One more thing, when you pull that cap have a oil pan under that axle, that stuff makes a mess.


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