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Hello, do you guys have anything other than a breaker by the battery to stop power to the control panel? I just realised , my control panel lights or on constantly unless I throw the breaker. You would think when you buy a new boat , it would come equipped with features that would control premature failure of a breaker from  switching it off and on 40 times a year.   thanks

Johncat, please contact Service and Warranty so that we can get our hands on your breaker/switch that failed. Those are SMTP brand and USA assembled. A very focused company with care about longevity of their products. We used some that were not SMTP during CoVid, due to availability of course. Those were foreign assemblies and were not as good. Most all of our main switch parts are spec’d to be either BUSS or SMTP.

If your failed part is SMTP, then we need it for them to see.


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