LITTLE ROCK, ARK – Bass Cat & Yar-Craft Boats was announced as a Torch Award for Ethics recipient by the Arkansas Better Business Bureau.


This Torch Award for Ethics is designed to honor Arkansas companies that demonstrate high standards of business practices aimed to create trust among employees, customers and their communities. This award seeks to spotlight and celebrate these commitments made by businesses such as Bass Cat & Yar-Craft.


Bass Cat & Yar-Craft was honored with the Torch Award for Ethics due to its mission of Making Life Better for everyone they’re in contact with. Its culture focuses on people, performance, and philanthropy (the organization’s identity pyramid). Bass Cat & Yar-Craft is a company that has and will continue to provide products that will bring many memories to countless families for years to come.



Correct Craft Identity Pyramid


Bass Cat & Yar-Craft unites employees and reinforces our business’ values by providing employees an opportunity to participate in annual mission trips. This heart of service and go around the world with the other Correct Craft brands to places like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and more. Volunteering is important to Bass Cat and for this years’ service trip, Bass Cat’s sister companies are coming to Arkansas.


Rewards and recognition for their employees are an import piece in the Bass Cat & Yar-Craft culture that integrates performance, high character and ethical behavior. When Bass Cat and & Yar-Craft achieve milestones and/or budgets are met, a portion of the profit is shared with every employee, no matter the level, through bonuses. Rewards and recognition that integrate performance and high character include spontaneously handing out a variety of gift cards when an employee is seen performing above and beyond measure, completing a task that isn’t in their job duties or taking that extra step to be safe when they think no one is watching.


Bass Cat has partnered with ASUMH creating a CCT Program, a program geared toward the boat building industry to assist with employing skilled candidates. This opportunity is one to train an improved workforce, trying to reduce attrition in our workforces and give those coming on board.


Rick Pierce, President of Bass Cat & Yar-Craft stated, “It is an honor for our team to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), our mission is always ‘do the right thing’. It means everything to our consumers. The BBB indicated that everything from our mission trips to our video series “Who Took You Fishing” struck a chord with them on our culture. Culture is everything here and we accept the challenge to represent the ethical standard that the BBB is well known for. We hope we are able to continue and achieve those standards.”


About Yar-Craft: Celebrating over 50 years of excellence in the marine industry, Yar-Craft (owned by Correct Craft) is the premier walleye fishing boat in the world, known for excellent craftsmanship and customer service. For more information visit www.yarcraft.com.

About Bass Cat: Bass Cat, owned by Correct Craft, manufactures the industry’s premier bass fishing boats from its headquarters in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Family operated since its founding in 1971, Bass Cat is the longest continuously operating tournament bass boat company in the United States. For more information visit www.basscat.com.

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 95 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. Focused on “Making Life Better,” the Correct Craft family includes Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk, Parker, and Bryant boat companies, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, Watershed Innovation and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit www.correctcraft.com.

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