Official QUEST Tournament Rewards Rules


A. Tournaments must be open to participation by any qualified angler. Specialty events may qualify if open to equal participation and is open to all Bass Cat owners.

B. Tournaments must have a written structure and rules for each event. Starting and completion times must be regulated. The format must be organized and accepted as a common tournament structure. Revolutionary formats are open to acceptance by the Program Administrators. Further restrictions may be posted online at www.basscat.com as they are deemed necessary and will be considered regulations for compliance in the program immediately.


C. This regards to sanctioning of national and regional collegiate bass fishing events. Those sanctions apply to Bassmaster, MLF Collegiate and other collegiate Regional and higher events as accepted. Presently there are three (3) recognized affiliations.

The student must be a full-time student with at least 12 hours. This applies to collegiate anglers as in where a direct family member owns the boat that they use in the event and does not include one-time borrowing for the event. They must both qualify in and use an eligible Bass Cat boat during the event and those prior, unless the boat was acquired just prior to competition. Double Up (D.) section applies. Those college anglers also competing in non-collegiate events are qualified for all other Quest events, as long as they compete in a qualified Bass Cat boat during the collegiate season, and/or fall within the guidelines for GPA and scholastic hours as a full-time student. Borrowing a boat for a Quest-sanctioned event as a singular does not qualify, as listed in the requirements above. Immediate Post-graduation qualifying events competition is allowed, they are not able to compete in further sanctioned events or compete as Quest members as an open program, unless they own their specific registered boat, this period is past the first semester of the scholastic year post-graduation, or nearest post-graduation event date. Full-time masters and doctorate programs do qualify post-bachelor’s degree as ongoing education, pending these are full-time programs (proof required).


D. High School scholarship program: The program is in place for students who are above GPA requirements of Collegiate Quest *(3.25 – 2.75) and are competing regularly in a family boat. Guidelines will be required that coaches be owners or a direct family member, such as uncle, grandparent or parent.

GPA ≥ 3.0$3,000.00 Incentive
GPA ≥ 2.5$1,000.00 Incentive
STANDARD QUEST$250$1,500$2,000
HIGHEST FINISHING TOP-20$250$500Unlimited

Tier-1: See Tier-1 section (N)

Double-Up: Win double the standard Quest incentives in a sanctioned event with at least 125 boats or 250 total anglers. Owner sanctions not allowed for Double-Up events. Dealers may request consideration of events as Double Up’s. These are limited by other restrictions.

Standard Quest: Field size and corresponding payouts below for team/draw competitions.


60 Participants | 30 Boats$250.00
120 Participants | 60 Boats$500.00
200 Participants | 100 Boats$1,000.00


1. Quest Non-Boaters: Co-Anglers, competing in Pro/Am style formats as co-anglers. No incentives exist, for Co-Anglers in events below 85 boats participation. All of the same rules and guidelines apply.


85-125 Boats$250.00
Over 125 Boats$500.00

2. Split Decisions: Teams can qualify for an additional 50% of funds if both anglers are Bass Cat owners and both are registered in Quest. A Double-Up win does not qualify for a Split Decision. Bass Cat realizes that only one individual can own the qualifying boat. The teams can opt for joint participation and the Quest funds will be equally dispersed.


60 Participants | 30 Boats$250.00 +50%$375.00
120 Participants | 60 Boats$500.00 + 50%$750.00
200 Participants | 100 Boats$1,000.00 + 50%$1,500.00

a. IMPORTANT: Split decisions bonus also applies to team events listed in the Tier-1 events section(N). Those will be calculated based on the ages of product and their individual levels of incentives. Up to $11,250.00 could be won if both team members own product that qualifies them for Tier-1 incentives. Team events currently include the following organizations: ABT, ABTT, BCT, BTC, CBC and TTT

b. Split Decision with various levels of incentives. In the case of a Split Decision above $3000 maximum, where the teams are not equal in boat age requirements, Bass Cat or Yar-Craft will pay maximum to the higher owner at their full incentive, secondarily rewarding the Split Decision incentive at the bonus level to the lower eligible owner. It is the team responsibility to resolve any discrepancies and tax issues.

3. Double-Up events unlisted as such require 125 boats and a total participant ability of 250 persons. Events with Entry Fees of $150 per team or individual.


F. To qualify for the Quest Tournament Incentive Program you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be registered in the Quest Program: Original owners of new product are automatically eligible for Quest benefits. The Tournament must be won in a Bass Cat Boat. Un-owned new products do not qualify, as all units must be registered by both the state and Bass Cat.

2. Clothing requirements: Must be wearing either, a Bass Cat hat, coat, or shirt for the event. Images will be required at time of weigh-in or awards, no exceptions and proof of clothing will be required. (Note: Promotional Persons See #J Also) Cell phone images are accepted.

3. Ownership must be on file at Bass Cat as the valid owner of the boat. Joint ownership will be validated by state registration and the boat must be registered to the individual(s). Lifetime registration of transferred units will be required prior to Tournament. Failure to transfer warranty on Lifetime units, may dissolve said Lifetime Warranty.

G. Highest finishing angler in the Top-20 of Bass Cat Owners: Bass Cat will provide the following incentive to the highest finishing Bass Cat registered owner. This incentive applies only to the boater divisions of qualified events.

75-124 Boats$250.00
155+ Boats$500.00


H. It is further understood that Bass Cat Boats reserves the right to change, alter, add, or eliminate any or any part of these guidelines, including fees, at any time in any given season. No intent is expressed to continue these programs past the 2013 season. This program will be adjusted occasionally. Those alterations will be posted on line in the Quest Section of the Owners Board for access to the most up to date regulations, prior to tournament take off. This is an online based promotion, and electronic alterations supersede all printed materials. Tournament acceptance is not extended to future events, nor grand-fathered into sanctioning. Events are only approved following the listing, within 30 days prior to competition ending.


I. Bass Cat title events or Bass Cat Dealer specific events (including various charity events) do not qualify for Sanctions or Incentives as those are already supported with product by Bass Cat Boats. Examples: Regional Championships of Team Trails, Real Money Team Trails of Georgia and Cystic Fibrosis events.


J. Each Bass Cat promotion boat/angler can participate in Quest. Members of the Bass Cat Promotional Staff must be wearing full attire (hat, and shirt) for incentives and membership under Quest.


K. Bass Cat reserves the right to regulate this program as desired. It will require all participants to complete proper IRS forms for legally required reporting of income. (Form 1099 MISC). The future of said program is not guaranteed and is solely based on funding available and participation.


L. Forms must be submitted online or postmarked no less than 30 days following event closure with proper records for verification of incentives, and necessary signatures and proof. Failure to provide proof of clothing, participation and final placement as winning individual or team, shall be reason for refusal of awards. Individuals understand that compliance with Quest guidelines is solely their responsibility and in no way the responsibility of either the dealership or Bass Cat Boats. Approved organizations with printed sponsor exemptions for clothing requirements will be accepted in those instances, waiving clothing requirement. Please allow 45 to 60 days for the processing of claims and verification of authenticity that program guidelines have been met.


M. It is our understanding that individual product incentives may exist separate of Quest for Mercury, Yamaha, MotorGuide or others. Regulations are a program of those companies and not associated to Bass Cat Boats.


N. Newer Boat Owners – Tier 1: Original owner 2022 model year and newer boats, less than 2 years from the original date of sale, are qualified for Tier 1 Quest funds. These offer incentives of up to $7,500.00 for wins in the following circuits which have 70 boats or more in participation. Standard Quest payouts apply if Tier-1 criteria are not met.

NOTE: National / Tier-1 / Double Up events may waive the maximum or other guidelines, no two programs will apply jointly. For Example: BASS Tour Elites, Bassmaster Opens, MLF BPT, MLF FLW and Federation formats may vary as those are ever changing. Program requires proof of present ownership, a copy of state boat registration, may be requested and is required at that time. Quest records are retained through all transfers.


O. Completion of submitted Quest claim forms, and/or request for incentive payments, are considered as approval and permission for Bass Cat and Yar-Craft to use any likeness in photos, with anglers, as/in promotional material, as opportunities exist. While Quest is now over 2 decades old, Bass Cat reserves the right to regulate, alter, or discontinue this program at any time. No future program is guaranteed in any format and may be canceled at any time.

P. Issues involving outside delivery service and loss of packages, or handling and stamping are not the responsibility of Bass Cat Boats. Participants are fully responsible for compliance with all program guidelines. Postage, or delivery failure will/may require re-issuance by the governing tournament officials. Copies of all forms should be kept for re-submittal, in such cases.

Q. It is the Quest of Bass Cat Boats that this program be accepted for many events in the coming seasons. Acceptance is not required by the individual events and may run without the approval of the tournament officials. Issues in paragraph “P” will require approval or cooperation, under certain circumstances.


R. Registration: Membership in Quest is open to all Bass Cat Owners, no matter the age of product. See warranty transfer / Quest activation fees below.

Ownership CategoryMembership Activation
Original owner (2000 model year and later)No Charge / Automatic Quest activation
Original owner (1999 model year and earlier)One-time $200 membership fee
Used boat owner (no product age limitations)One-time $200 membership fee
Retail pre-origin boats (from BCB dealership)No Charge - Dealer must activate membership


S. Sanction by Owners/ Dealers: Tournament Circuits are sanctioned based on the number of events, and units, in a given area, dealer or region. Dealers can sanction at least 6 events or 3 circuits per dealer, and they must be approved by the program administrators. BCB regulates the amount of sanctions for each individual dealership. Individual owners may request sanctioning of one event in a dealership radius of 100 miles, or, if distanced from a dealership by at least a 100-mile radius, one circuit (or portion thereof). Or up to six events locally outside the radius. Quest Membership is not required prior to Sanctioning, though is required to participate.


T. Complete listing will be updated on the OFFICIAL SANCTIONED EVENT LIST on basscat.com. EVENT SANCTION REQUESTS are required 30 days prior to the event ending.

Big Bass events which are connected as a series may be considered for Quest, though no one-off large fish events are sanctioned. Administrative decisions are final. ALL other Tournaments must be sanctioned, and events are subject to change. Circuits operating as individual fish events for a championship do qualify. Paper-organized event tournaments are qualified.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us below.

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