Ed Loughran

“I chose Bass Cat years ago because I wanted the fastest production boat available. But, over the years the most valuable aspects about owning a Basscat has turned out to be the customer service of the company as well as the input you can get from other owners. Whether you need help setting up your boat or some info in a body of water you’ve never fished, the Cat community has got you covered.

My 2021 Eyra is third one that I’ve run. I chose to run it on the Bassmaster Elite again this year because it performs like no other boat. Its extremely responsive and maneuverable. It floats shallow, gets up on plane instantly and is great for shallow target fishing. Even though its light, I like it in rough water because the front rides high which reduces waves over the front when fishing and while navigating  big waves you are really able to “drive” the waves and keep the nose up. I also think its the best looking bass boat out there.

Truly a unique boat from the mind of Rick Pierce. “

B.A.S.S. Profile

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